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The City of Chania is the capital of Chania prefecture, is located at the northeast part of the prefecture and constitutes the administrative, economic, commercial, and transport center of the homonymous prefecture. The City of Chania is the capital of the Municipality and the second largest city of Crete, built over the ruins of the Minoan city Kydonia, which, - according to the archaeological research - on the ruins of ancient Kydonia, which according to the mythology was founded by king Kydon and was one of the most important cities Of Crete, as Homer mentioned, whereas Kydonians. Chania is a wonderful mixture result of Eastern and Western civilizations. The main characteristic of the city is the Venetian port of the old city with the Egyptian lighthouse that has survived for many centuries.

The Venetian, Turkish, traditional and modern architecture coexist in harmony in the city of Chania, creating a unique and attractive scenery for the visitors. Archaeological sites, temples, squares and unique buildings adorn the attractive city of Chania. Chania is very rich in cultural tradition. The Cretan folk tradition is imprinted on the local art (weaving, tsevredes, carpets, towels etc.) that reflects the sense of beauty and the artistic expression of local people.

As consider the natural landscape at Chania, the strict massifs meet the deep light blue of the sea in Chania, creating a landscape of irregular natural beauty. The beaches with crystal waters, the lakes, the gorges, the rich flora and fauna, and the benign climate create ideal living conditions and an exciting environment. In the Municipality of Chania you can find some of the most important areas of natural beauty and of ecological significance of Crete, that have been included in Natura 2000 network, such as the lake of Agia, the gorge of Theriso and the islet of Agii Theodori (or Thodorou).

The city of Chania constitutes a crossroad of civilizations and continents with a long history, natural beauty, unique architecture and rich tradition, that attracts the eye of residents and visitors.



Medicamerc Pharmaceuticals   Institution "Eleftherios k. Venizelos"
Region of Crete Municipality of Chania
Hotel Union of Chania Halepa Hotel
Dourakis Winery Celestyal Cruises
Bank of Chania