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"MESONISOS", Centre of Island & Mediterranean Culture,

Members of the Scientific Community of Faculty of Geology and Geo-Environment, University of Athens &

KEPPEDIH-KAM, Municipality of Chania  


PRESIDENT: Elisavet Grapsa, Dr. of History, President of "MESONISOS", Center of Island & Mediterranean Culture

VICE PRESIDENT: Efthimia Verikiou - Papaspyridakou, Associate Prof. of Physical Geography-Geomorphology at University of Athents      

SECRETARY: Paraskevi Nomikou, Lecturer of Physical Geography & Geological Oceanography at University of Athens

MEMBER: Jonh Makris, Associate Prof. Division of  Electronics at Technology Educational Institute of Crete



PRESIDENT- Dimitrios Papanikolaou, Professor of Dynamic, Tectonic and Applied Geology, University of Athens


-Grigorios Tsaltas, Professor of International Law, Rector of Panteion University, Director of the European Center for the Enviromental Reasearch and Training.

-Konstantinos Synolakis, Member of Academy, Professor Natural Hazards Management & Coastal Engineering,Technical University of Crete

-Filippos Valianatos, Professor of Physics Geophysics – Solid Earth Physics,Technological Educational Institute of Crete

-Nena Galanidou, Associate Professor, History & Archaeology, University of Crete

-Paraskevi Nomikou, Assist. Prof. of Natural Geography & Geological Oceanography, University of Athens 

-Charalampos Fassoulas, Natural History Museum, University of Crete